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Pros and cons of underwater sex

vízalatti szex jakuzzi

Underwater sex is quite a divisive topic. Some people see it as an exciting adventure, others are disgusted by it. Who is right on the subject? Can justice be done at all?

In the whole underwater sex thing, the wet medium is what really appeals to many. It is true that it can provide an experience and a real adventure in the overheated north of a summer, but at the same time, its clear danger must also be taken into account.

Counterarguments are relatively easy to deduce. The water may contain bacteria such as salmonella or coliform bacteria. They can be found in pools, seas, lakes, and oceans. And they can easily enter your body during underwater sex. You can also dry out, because even though you are in a humid environment, the vaginal moisture can be washed away by the water. In addition, the condom, which is supposed to be a protection, can break off more easily in this case. In salt water, i.e. in seas and oceans, salt concentration is the enemy, while in swimming pools chlorine and other chemicals are the enemy. A lake with clear water, such as Lake Baikal or Lake Ladoga, may be ideal, but it is uncertain whether such a distance is worth undertaking. As for the bathtub, the analogy with the swimming pool is also true, unfortunately the tap water is also disinfected, but to a significantly lesser extent. Finally, water does not prevent pregnancy.

As for the benefits of underwater sex, it is nothing but the erotic game of secret adventure. Small subtle movements and a completely different, out-of-the-ordinary environment are a lasting experience for many couples. According to many, this kind of experience is mandatory for a romantic wellness weekend. In addition, if we stop the act, it is not legal to get an infection right away. Of course, most of the problems can be eliminated with proper preparation and careful planning. Fortunately, various water-based lubricants with an alkaline content are now available. Moreover, the majority of those who do not recommend this type of togetherness due to the above admit that a foreplay can have a place in the pool. And you don't have to immerse yourself, making love in the shower can also be quite satisfying without the more harmful side effects.

Tips if you definitely choose underwater sex!

First, I'm looking for a stable point. The weightlessness experienced in the water is a particularly great feeling, but at the same time, it does not really move the act forward. Penetration requires stability for the man, so success requires some kind of grip and support. This can be, for example, the steps of the pool, the sitting area of the jacuzzi or a railing, but the shallower part of the water will also do, where your feet come down, and you and your partner can hold on to the edge.

Not really a condom, but a lubricant is recommended!

Before the adventure of underwater sex, it is worth hydrating and going to the toilet well in advance. Worth nutritional supplement use it so that your body is loaded with vitamins and can more easily resist various infections. If sex takes place in a jacuzzi, you should pay attention to the temperature. Intense sex in itself generates a lot of heat for your body, you don't even need hot water. However, whichever environment you choose, be it lakes, seas, or pools, know that you should give up certain contacts, even if not poses. Such is anal and oral sex under water. The former is not only because of the risk of infection, but also because of its own pollution. Water belongs to everyone! The latter is taboo due to urinary tract infections.

It's best if you and your partner focus more on the poses. In the environment of underwater sex, it is much easier to move around in almost 360 degrees. And all age groups deserve this kind of freedom!

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