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Taboo topic: pregnant sex

terhes pár szerelemben

Is there a sex ban during pregnancy? Is it free, is it healthy, or is all pregnant sex nothing more than a gross fetish? This will be discussed in the following!

The answer to the question is that yes, you can have sex during pregnancy. Although there is a way to do this, pregnant sex is quite a divisive topic!

It's worth starting with the fact that pregnant sex is a pleasure in itself. Many people, especially men, consider intercourse during pregnancy to be breaking a taboo, which is somewhat understandable. On the other hand, it is pure fiction that women cease to be people who want to be together and want to deal exclusively with the future baby. There are therefore more conservative and more liberal couples when it comes to sex during pregnancy; who this way, who that way. Here in Hungary, the topic is still considered taboo to this day, except for a few adult films, but even their fans are quite marginal if we look at the big picture.

In the psychological field, the biggest problem is not with the taboo itself. Culture chooses what is allowed and what is condemned during sexual intercourse or when it is recommended to get into bed. Unfortunately, it happens that the husband looks elsewhere for opportunities to prosper after his partner has "fallen out" due to pregnancy. Not everyone is able to forget about expecting a baby with the same intensity, and let's face it, nine months is a very long time! In this case, a lot of stress comes into the picture for both parties, which is difficult to reduce due to the new situation. What makes it seem as if pregnant sex specifically repels the expectant mother is the symptoms experienced in the first 3 months of pregnancy. At this time, most mothers-to-be are tired, sleepy, listless, nauseous all day, and have no desire for it. It's a natural thing.

The woman must be made to feel that sex is not something that is absolutely necessary for the sake of the man. Sex during pregnancy may remind the mother of a previous miscarriage, abortion, or other soul-crushing experience. Forced sex in this sense can even worsen the situation of couples.

When is pregnant sex recommended?

The nine months of pregnancy are divided into three months, so-called in the trimester system it is customary to divide. At that time, significant signs of fetal development can be observed and the biological preparation of the female body for childbirth begins. What about sex? To live a sexual life in the first trimester, the second and the third as well, until the cervix is closed and the amniotic fluid does not flow. The baby is always protected from infections by the amniotic fluid, the womb and the mucus plug. He won't be crushed, he won't feel anything. Obviously, this is the thing that concerns most people, how much the baby feels. As for the mood of the expectant mother, in the second trimester, due to the increased blood supply to the genitals, the majority of pregnant women feel better than usual wishes for sex. As a result of the complete rearrangement of the hormonal balance and the rise in estrogen levels during pregnancy, even women who have never experienced multiple orgasms can experience multiple orgasms. In fact, according to some theories, the maternal hormones released during orgasm, such as progesterone, estrogen and oxytocin, may even be good for the fetus.

terhesen is jó a szex

It is important that all this is only possible during a healthy and normal pregnancy. If there are any problems, brownish discharge, bleeding, infection, chance of miscarriage or premature birth, opening of the cervix, then the doctor - very correctly - prohibits sexual life. This means that penetration is prohibited, but orgasm is not. Thanks to the fact that the female genital organ is not exclusively vaginally capable of orgasm, this opens the way for many other non-penetration sexual pleasures and games, which swollen breasts only make more desirable!

When the moment of birth is approaching...

During pregnant sex, lying on your back can be uncomfortable around the fourth month. Due to the weight on the growing uterus, it is advisable to choose a body position in which the depth and rhythm of the penetration can be controlled by the expectant mother. This is best done when the woman is on top. There is no pressure on the abdomen in the side-lying position, when the man hugs the woman from behind, lying on her side. The kneeling and sitting positions are favorable for many because there is no pressure on the abdomen. In this case, there is still nothing wrong, it is necessary to try new poses which - who knows - will remain with the couple permanently even after the birth!

It is worth mentioning that sex also has a so-called labor-inducing function. Sperm contains a substance called prostaglandin, which is also used for artificial insemination. Making love and experiencing pleasure itself is accompanied by the release of oxytocin, which feels much better than receiving an infusion. That is why it is not rare that in the days immediately before giving birth, the mother really wants sex, which is nature's order. At the same time, there is no need to worry that pregnant sex will result in premature birth! What is recommended to be completely avoided is anal sex. The reason for this is the risk of infection..

Sex after giving birth.

In terms of sexual intercourse, the postpartum period is different from pregnancy. Childbirth takes a serious toll on a woman's body. That is why sex is not recommended in the 6 weeks after giving birth. These few weeks are necessary for the uterus to regenerate, for scars and minor injuries to heal. If a perineal incision was necessary during childbirth, you must also allow time for the perineal wound to heal. In such cases, it is appropriate to give the expectant mother as much time as she needs!







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