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10 beneficial effects of sex

Sex 10 jótékony hatása

Sex is one of, if not the most, pleasurable activityApart from joy, however, it also has many other beneficial effects on our body!

An online health card summarizes them in the following. The interesting thing is that it is one of our most ancient instincts, which promotes the preservation of the species. However, its effects on our body are not only beneficial, but directly indicated.

So sex primarily helps and strengthens our immune system.

a sex erősíti az immunrendszert

Even weekly regularity increases the body's production of antibodies by 30%. IgA, or immunoglobulin, is found in the blood as secretory IgA on the surface of mucous membranes. The latter occurs in saliva, tears, nasal secretions, tracheabronchial secretions, gastrointestinal secretions and breast milk.

The task of IgA is to protect against pathogens entering the mucous membranes by activating the complement system and triggering inflammatory reactions. The biological half-life of IgA is only 6 days, so regular sex helps to replenish it.

It is also good for the heart!

A healthy, elevated heart rate trains the heart. At the same time, it reduces the risk of heart disease. This is mainly observed in women. In general, men produce a higher heart rate during sex due to their activity during intercourse.

It is important that those who struggle with heart diseases should consult a doctor about how many times a week they still hit the healthy level!

In the long term, sex contributes to maintaining healthy blood pressure!

Compared to the former, this may seem like an oxymoron, but it is not. Hugging alone contributes to this. Because this boils down to the fact that those who go to bed regularly will be less susceptible to high blood pressure in the long term. Which is the anteroom for the development of many diseases!

Pain, headache and missed intercourse.

Contrary to the stereotype, regular sex is a cure for headaches! Because we react immediately to satisfy hunger and thirst after intercourse. Nutrient intake and a higher degree of hydration are always healthy. A common cause of headaches is insufficient fluid intake.

A good night's sleep and sweet dreams are not to be neglected at all!

a sex felel a jó alvásért

One of the most important hormones of happiness, oxytocin, is released to a large extent, and this leads to good sleep. This is especially true when couples reach orgasm. In addition, the higher level of prolactin, which plays a key role in dreaming and sleeping, also contributes to this!

So, for those who have suffered from nightmares for a long time, sex is the best dream catcher!

The risk of prostate cancer is significantly reduced in men!

Ejaculation caused by male orgasm is responsible for the protection, which reduces the pressure on the prostate. This statement is based on a multi-year experiment involving many subjects. Men who ejaculate about 21 times a month have a significantly reduced risk of prostate cancer!

After this, it is not surprising that regular sex boosts brain function!

In various experiments, men performed better on memory tests. And the women performed excellently during the experiments. For this reason, the stimulating hormones that affect the central nervous system, indirectly the brain, are largely responsible.

Finally, regular sex also affects our well-being!

It releases us from a stressful state, increases our life prospects and builds our self-confidence! The feeling of intimacy and love fills everyone with joy. Unfortunately, however, there are those whom the act does not liberate, but defoliates. For them, sex is associated with a kind of old trauma, such as a case of sexual violence or venereal disease. For them, the solution is to visit a psychologist so that they can return to the path of happiness.

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