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A merevedési zavar okai

A merevedési zavar

Ha szexuálisan aktív marad az életkor előrehaladtával, nagyobb valószínűséggel lesz szüksége merevedési zavarra kapható gyógyszerre. Becslések szerint az 50-es éveiben

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Tornado + potencianövelő fokozza a tesztoszteron szintet
Tornado + potencianövelő fokozza a tesztoszteron szintet



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According to surveys, every second man over the age of forty in the world today struggles with erectile problems, which means that this problem affects hundreds of millions. There can be countless reasons for this, for example: a lifestyle lacking exercise, poor nutrition, smoking and an overly stressful work environment. Finding out the cause is of the utmost importance, because this condition can worsen with age.

Erectile dysfunction can have physical or psychological causes.
It can also cause physical symptoms such as diseases: obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and nervous system problems. These problems can only be improved over many years, the way of which is a complete lifestyle change.

Young men can also experience mental problems if they are in a stressful, anxious or depressed state of mind. Occasionally, it does not cause a potency disorder, but the problem can even destroy the relationship if we do not pay attention to it.

But how do you get your manhood back? We know a couple of solutions. Get to know our potency enhancers.


On our blog you can read about many useful topics among our articles,
with which you can use your repertoire and preserve your health.

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10 health benefits of daily sex

A healthy sex life is good for your overall health, and there's no better way than making love with your partner every day. In addition to being a reproductive advantage, healthy sex improves your physical, mental, emotional and social life. Sexual activity has more to do with a healthy mindset than no

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Why is Gentlemanus a good potency enhancer?

Recently, more and more products have been investigated and withdrawn from the market of potency enhancers. So there is great uncertainty among men about which of the existing products to choose. After all, the pill must meet many criteria. Men's expectations of a potency-enhancing pill Start working quickly or as soon as possible after taking

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Pajzsmirigy alulműködés és merevedési zavar

Hypothyroidism and erectile dysfunction

Sex is something you like to think about every time. But do you like thyroid problems? Obviously not. You might not understand why I'm asking about thyroid problems when we're talking about sex. But it's important to talk about this because many men experience sexual problems due to the thyroid gland. What is the thyroid gland? The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that can

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